Your workplace wellness is directly affected by each individual’s well-being. Reducing stress and increasing resilience are paramount to achieving your goals. Each person and each organization has unique needs, therefore we have creative programming options for you.

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Who we’ve served and what they are saying about Heart and Goal!

Integrative Wellness for Schools Program Feedback:

“I would recommend Heart and Goal to other sites because they bring a creative approach to supporting the students. The use of physical activity and mindfulness techniques allows students to learn habits and skills in a more hands on way outside of class lessons and groups. “~Christopher T., School Counselor

Elementary Casel-Aligned Yoga Pogram Feedback:

School Yoga

“I just want to share how much Fallsvale School is enjoying the Heart and Goal Program. The kids look forward to their yoga time and the story you do that goes along with the yoga poses. You are always so pleasant, patient and caring with our students. The staff has enjoyed this program so much that a few of us have joined in your “AdultYoga Class” in the evening once a week. We really appreciate you and your program.”~ Fallsvale Staff

Family Night Events and Girls’ Empowerment Group Feedback:

“As an Elementary Principal I was seeking transformational change by focusing on wellness and Social -emotional learning. Angela became part of that change and offered our school community and at-promise students a way to restore. She was at our family nights and tailored every workshop to the nights’ theme. She led girls journaling groups, breath practices and family yoga. Her ability to connect with all our families connected her to our school. Just having her as a resource transformed how our school was able to provide resources and learning in a way that mattered to hearts and minds.~Marisa B., Elementary Principal

School Yoga

Workplace Wellness Yoga Class Feedback:

“Angela has provided both virtual and in person yoga for our non-profit staff a number of times in the past few years.  Our non-profit works with children, many of whom have suffered abuse or neglect, so our staff is at risk of secondary trauma and self-care is a must.  Angela brought wonderful, centering and affirming yoga to our team that was great for all levels.  We consistently receive very positive feedback from our team whenever Angela leads a class!”~Mickey D. K., ImmDef Law Center