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About Heart and Goal

From burned out to thriving

Heart and Goal, INC is a women-owned, wellness consulting business co-created by Jamie Hartman, M.Ed., B.S. Human Development and Family Studies, and Angela Andiorio, B.S. Therapeutic Recreation, and Certified Yoga Teacher. We met through a local support group of moms seeking connection while going through the daily struggles and joys that come along with parenting. Each of us had come from service industry work and had experienced our own personal burnout journeys. Yoga, spending time in nature, and mindfulness were what helped each of us through challenging times. We wanted to share our success with others thus Heart and Goal was formed in 2020.

Who we serve

Our intention is to support those who work in service industries (education, healthcare, etc) who are susceptible to chronic stress, burnout, empathy fatigue, and compassion fatigue. Through our Stepping Stones of ResilienceSM program, we share a system for managing stress and building skills to cultivate a strong, centered and safe place within yourself.

In addition, children are struggling with stress, trauma and problems with self-regulation. Therefore, we offer our trauma-informed and CASEL-aligned mindful movement program in schools offering direct services to students.

Furthermore, we believe that wellness support for students, teachers, staff and families helps the whole system function more cohesively. A win-win-win situation!

Mindfulness + Nature=Stress Reduction

Where does the power of nature come in? Recent literature shows that people are spending less time outdoors. One in six adults report never spending free time in nature. The average child spends 4-7 minutes per day outside!

In a large-scale study it has been found that if we spend even 120 minutes outdoors every week we experience amazing health benefits including building stress resilience. Since nature is an easy and accessible tool, we like to intentionally connect to nature in our programming as much as possible.

All in all, spending more time in nature and practicing self-regulation skills through movement, breathing and mindfulness weave beautifully with social emotional learning skills for children and adults alike!

What inspires us

Our inspiration for this service was born out of the powerful healing we both received from these self-regulating experiences and practices. The Heart and Goal logo is symbolic both as a path and as a nature spiral. Spirals appear in nature (in galaxies, plants and even the weather). They are both a symbol of resilience and a representation of the journey from the inside out. The colors of purple and yellow are found abundantly in nature and often together as a complementary pair. In some color systems, like the chakra colors in yoga philosophy, purple represents intuition and yellow, inner strength . Cultivating resilience through self care requires self knowledge, self compassion and deeper awareness of the self.

Our values

About Heart and Goal

Growth & Connection

We strive to be grounded in the present, connected to something bigger than ourselves, and inspired to help others intuitively connect to their center through mind body connection and the healing power of the natural world.

We encourage others to travel their life’s path guided by their core values so that they may feel aligned with their goals and higher purpose.

About Heart and Goal

I’m Jamie –

Educator, Co-Creator and Director

Heart and Goal, INC

I am currently in my masters program pursuing a my therapy license. I also am a licensed teacher in the state of California. I love hiking, creating, being in nature and spending quality time with my kids, friends and family!

I’m Angela-

Yoga Teacher, Co-Creator and Director,

Heart and Goal, INC

I am a certified yoga teacher and have been a practitioner for over 24 years. I love exploring and traveling with my family: the beaches, mountains, deserts and everything in between! Nature photography is one of my favorite hobbies.

About Heart and Goal

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