Are you feeling like you can barely keep your head above water at work or home because you are drowning in all of the responsibilities and demands for productivity?

"Tidepool Tributaries"
Angela Andiorio | Crystal Cove, CA

Heart and Goal’s “Stepping Stones of Resilience” program will guide you on your journey by building up your stamina and strengthening your resilience skills through the practices of mindful movement, self-compassion and self-awareness so you can skillfully navigate any rough waters and truly live an intentional and inspired life!

As yourself these questions…

  • Are you or your co-workers or those you serve feeling exhausted, frustrated, overwhelmed or empty?
  • Do you find yourself deeply committed or involved in helping/serving others?
  • Have you lost your sense of direction or focus in your work or home life?
  • Do you perceive that there are many barriers or constraints in the way of reaching your personal goals?
  • Are your needs/desires at the bottom or non-existent on your to-do list?
  • Have you lost the sense of excitement and passion that called you to your current role (teaching, parenting, etc.) in the first place?
  • Would you love to feel more joy, purpose and connection in your life?

If your heart is answering yes to the questions above then you know you have found the right place to start reaching your health and wellness goals with intention and purpose!

“Resilience is based on compassion for ourselves, as well as compassion for others.”

Sharon Salzberg
Photo “Balance”
Angela Andiorio | Joshua Tree National Park, CA