Welcome to Heart and Goal!

A training and consulting business for educators and health care professionals based in Riverside, CA.

We acknowledge every individual experiences life from their unique perspective. During times of uncertainty, our well-being is challenged and we are confronted with the reality that is before us. Everyone is experiencing varying degrees of shifts in lifestyle, strong and sometimes overwhelming emotions, and the discomfort that is associated with all this change. It can feel like an enormous burden to hold and manage all this within ourselves. How do we hold it all? How do we find balance? Jamie and Angela of Heart and Goal are experts in facilitating a safe atmosphere where you can be heard, where you can expand as an individual, create deeper connections with yourself and others, and where together we can enhance our community! This resilience, cultivated through self-care and mindfulness are the keys that unlock your heart to fully witness and embrace your present situation, and move forward to reach your goals of holistic health and well-being.

Our Message

We are passionate about bringing resilience training to educators and health care professionals.

We offer interactive and experiential trainings that are transformative, empowering, and engaging! Our programs are tailored to suit the needs of the individuals within an organization and to align with the organization’s needs and goals.

It is our goal to greatly improve your employees’ resilience and the quality of their lives and to empower them to impart these skills to the students, patients, and families they serve.

We honor and support each person’s ongoing and evolving journey towards inspired fulfillment both personally and in service to others. Meaningful self-care, purposeful trauma-sensitive yoga, and practical mindfulness are essential to overall well-being.

Ripples of resilience

Resilience creates ripples that touch everyone around us and move us as individuals to a place of balance, flexibility, connection, determination, positivity, and the discernment needed to filter out the noise from what is authentic and true. 


“Resilience is based on compassion for ourselves as well as compassion for others.”

– Sharon Salzberg


As a former elementary educator and a former recreation therapist, we experienced first-hand the effects of the constant giving required to serve students, patients, and families in the stressful, fast-paced and ever-changing work environments of the education and health care fields. When we began to add in mindful self-care, our lives and work experience drastically changed…for the better!


Heart and Goal is a training and consulting business owned and operated by Jamie Hartman, M.Ed., B.S. Human Development and Family Studies, and Angela Andiorio, B.S. Therapeutic Recreation, and Certified Yoga Teacher. Together, they have over 20 years of hands-on experience in education, health, and wellness.

What We Offer

Workshops on:

Self Awareness



Positive Relationships


to build the Foundations of Resilience

You Will Walk Away With

-Increased clarity and focus

-Mind/body awareness 

-Simple, effective self-care practices

-Stronger inner knowing

-Trauma-informed yoga approaches

-Increased sense of interconnectedness and freedom

-Practical, stress-free classroom resources

Ready for an interactive, relaxing and inspiring training with Heart and Goal?